Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final Kitchen Reveal

Can you believe it? Our kitchen is done!!

Here is a flash back to what it looked like 6 months ago:

And here is our kitchen today:



We love the new storage bench to hold all Rebecca's art supplies.

Entry way from the garage with its new coat hooks.

Dining table and a good look at the new floor. Sorry for the window glare!
So there it is! We did all the work ourselves except installing the new counter top. The new appliances are Whirlpool and we found the best deal for them at Sears. The flooring was from Lowes. The new hardware on the cabinets was from Menards and the hinges were from Lowes. It would be great to give a break down of everything that we did, but honestly I don't want to know how much the total cost was :) What I do know is that we love the results and saved a lot by doing the work ourselves and painting the cabinets rather than getting new.

Just like when we finished our basement, we learned a lot of lessons while working on the kitchen. I'd say, "If we ever had to do this again we would do a few things differently." But honestly, who would want to do that again!? I hope if there is a next house for our family it is perfectly done - by someone else!

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  1. This looks awesome! Way to go and congrats on being done!


  2. Love it! John was very impressed.
    My favorites are the countertops, the cupboard hardware and the coat racks.

  3. It looks amazing!! Anytime that you want to come and redo my kitchen I am all for it!! I think that I am going to try to make it up to school for lunch sometime next week. I will send you an email and see what day works out the best. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Your kitchen looks great! I especially like the storage bench and new floors!

  5. looks fantastic! that was a lot of orangey wood in the before. i like that storage that's by the fridge, too. great job!