Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Today was a snow day and what better way to celebrate then to get bundled up and play in the snow? Get your "ow's" and "ah's" ready because here are some pretty cute pictures of our adorable daughter.

Our little snow angel loved the snow even when some got in her face. Our adventures outside only lasted a few minutes and then we were back inside having more fun.

In this last picture, if you look close or maybe enlarge the picture, you can see Rebecca blowing bubbles. She loves to press her lips together and blow out bubbles. It makes the cutest sound and a lot of drool!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name. Psalms 18:49

Should we be thankful for this cold? I am. I am thankful that God brings us varying weather. That the suns shines some days and it rains others. I am thankful it is not colder than it is. I am thankful because God is good. I will praise the LORD for He is good. His favor is showered upon us.

I was curious this morn. if it is cold in Neerlandia so I pulled up the internet and the closest weather reading I found was in Edmonton and low and behold it is warmer in Edmonton, Alberta than it is in Prairie City, IA. You don't believe me do you. Check it out.

Prairie City, IA

Edmonton, Alberta

The weater will change before you read this so I will post the current temp. for Prairie City and Edmonton just to document it.
Iowa: 9 F
Edmonton: 15 F

And in case there are others curious how warm it is in Nicaragua here is a link for that too.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just a few updates

Here is Rebecca playing away in her exersaucer. The buttons she has her hands on plays animal sounds, says the animal name in English and Spanish, and then plays a clip of a classical song. She is much more coordinated with her right hand and because of that her first word might just be "lion." If you look closely, you'll see her upper lip and chin are quite wet. She has had a little cold again and is drooling all the time. When she leans forward to play it's like turning on a faucet! But she is still always happy :) We are both adjusting to life with teaching and daycare. I still feel a little lost in my classroom at times, but I'm making progress each day. I'm pretty sure Rebecca is enjoying daycare and the entertainment of the other kids. I have to go a feed her every day during my lunch break, which is hectic, but I enjoy seeing her and she loves seeing me if only to fill her tummy :)

Dan has been making a lot of progress in the basement. Here is a picture of him next to the stairs. He built shelves for storage under the stairs and the openings will be covered with cupboard doors. He is standing in the doorway to the utilities and future bathroom. This picture was only taken a week ago, but it's already outdated. He has finished the sheetrock and mudded all the seams. The reason for the different shades of green is that we are using mildeow resistant sheetrock and each trip to Menards for another load was a slightly different shade of green.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

The flipping of the calendar always causes us to reflect on the past years' events and look forward to another year full of new ones. Rebecca is 4 months old now and we are constantly amazed at the things that she does. She is constantly "talking" to us and imitates the sounds we make. She loves any toy or book that makes noise and even "sings" with a few songs. We have some pretty cute video clips of her chatting with Dad, but I'm not very tech savy and have to figure out how to get those loaded onto the blog.

A really big change for us happens tomorrow when I go back to work. I am definitely ready to get back to teaching and working at school, but leaving Rebecca will be very hard. Leaving her might be a little easier if she would drink from a bottle, but she still adamantly refuses. Although she is making great strides with her sippy cup. She not so sure about the water that drips into her mouth, but at least she wants the cup in her mouth. Maybe in a month or so she will be able to take in a few ounces from it.Another new thing she is doing is eating cereal. I think she likes it because she opens her mouth pretty well for it, but about half of every spoonful still comes back out. She has also learned that she can spin around in her excersaucer and she loves to play with all the toys around her. This last picture is of her snuggled in her car seat staying nice and warm. We love that she travels so well and usually sleeps soundly in the car.

She might possibly even be warm enough to visit Grandma and Grandpa Pontier in Neerlandia, Alberta!