Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Blake!

Can't believe our little guy is 3! It really is amazing how much he has grown and matured in the last year. He is such an energetic boy who keeps us on our toes and laughing all the time! He brings so much joy and fun to our family.
Construction theme!

Seriously, this is about the best family picture I got!!
Inspired by a picture on Pinterest of course.

Lots of fun presents!
Alright, here is how the cake was put together. It really was a pretty easy cake and very forgiving. It started with 2 8" rounds - one of them broke apart when I flipped it out which normally would have been awful, but for this cake it worked.
 I pieced it together with chocolate butter cream frosting. It was pretty messy but like I said, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is pretty forgiving. I just kept adding frosting until everything was covered.
 After the frosting, I put the trucks in place and the added a bunch of candy - cut up Snickers, Whoppers, mini Kit Kats and Heath bits.
I made the little signs on the computer and taped them on sticks. 
Ta-da! Or as Blake would say, "Tee-da!"

Happy Birthday Buddy!!