Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Fall doesn't seem quite complete without a trip to a pumpkin patch. I took the kids tonight and they had a great time running around trying out all the different little attractions. My favorite thing to do is take pictures of them having fun. 
Blake used to hold the title of "Smilie" in our family, but now he's in his moody twos, so Brianna is happily taking over the title.
Little Miss Smilie!
Blake had lots of fun in the corn pile with the dump trucks.
(Don't worry, I took her pacifier away after this picture and cleaned it at home :)

This is a great picture of Brianna's 1 tooth!
Rebecca loved jumping in the hay pile.
Blake took walking on the pallets seriously and would not look at me.
These girls are all smiles though :)
This is the best picture I could get of the 3 of them - Blake was not in the mood. 
Just can't stop this girl from growing!

Blake loved ringing the bell on the hay train.
Blake found a wagon and told me he was "going farming". 
It was a good time - love making memories with the kids!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Harvest Begins

When the sun is shining this time of year, you can find Dan in the field. He started combining two weeks ago and we went for a ride. Blake loved it and Brianna found it relaxing enough to fall asleep. I'm sure there will be many more rides, but here are few pictures to start with.

I just love this picture! Father and son farming together :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A little too organized?

In my last post I mentioned how Blake loves to organize things. This started at a pretty young age and has continued and has become more obvious all over the house. I just walked around the house this morning and took a few pictures of his organizational skills at work. I even caught him in the act!!
He likes to line up the magnets on the dishwasher. Brianna messes them up daily and he just puts them back.
When building blocks he always color coordinates.
He likes to line up the DVDs on the tv cabinet.
See what I mean about color coordinating? He does this constantly with Legos.
This is his bear which almost always has to be flat on his bed. Sometimes he can't get it flat enough and says, "Bear not working, Bear not working!'
This is a very common sight. We all just toss our shoes, but Blake has to put his neatly together and usually in the corner of the carpet. He'll "fix" them too, if I do it wrong. 
See those two little guys? They didn't just fall there.
And this is what Blake was doing just as I started taking pictures. Arranging the cards in various different ways. 

At this point Dan and I just get a kick out of his need to organize. He never throws a fit if things aren't just so or becomes inconsolable if something is out of order so we aren't too concerned about this behavior. 
Hopefully these skills will be put to good use some day. One time he lined up all the books on the floor and I thought that he might be very good at laying tile or brick some day. I just hope it doesn't get worse as he gets older - I've had a few flash backs to senses from a movie when you know the killer is in the house because all the towels stripes are lined up! :)  
We love watching our little Blake grow and learn and his little quirks just make him that much cuter! 

Friday, October 3, 2014


It's so fun to listen to a 2 year old learn how to talk and try out new words and phrases. Blake has such a personality and it's hilarious to listen to him try and express it through words. Here's a few of our favorites:
He's trying to feed me a pretzel - the only way I could get him to look at me.
Blake: "Buckle self up me! Buckle self up me!" (When he thinks he can buckle his own car seat, which he cannot, no matter how loud he yells.)

Blake: "Go on walk! Go on walk!"
Me: "Why do you want to go on a walk?"
Blake: "Because I say so!"
(Obviously he's heard that phrase a few times before.)

Blake: "What you doing mommy?"
Me: I tell him whatever I'm doing at the time..."I'm folding laundry."
Blake: "Folding laundry, no fair!"
(He says "no fair" to almost anything and most of the time it makes no sense, but it's so cute. Obviously he's heard Rebecca say that phrase way too much!)

Me: "Blake get back in bed!"
Blake: with the most mischievous smile "No, you!"
(It's really hard not to laugh at him when he's naughty because he's so cute!)

Me: "Blake stop doing _____ to your sister." (usually its pushing/kicking her away from his stuff)
Blake: "Manna likes it! Manna likes it!" (he calls Brianna, Manna)

Me: "I need to go now and you are going to stay home with daddy."
Blake: with a really sad face "Mommy, you're going to miss me."

It's a joy to be his parent! Sometime I'll have to blog about his need to organize things :)