Friday, June 26, 2009

Night Roller

In an attempt to encourage "big girl" status and also to ease the transition to a big bed some day, I decided to take the front off Rebecca's crib. It's call a convertible crib and it came with two small sides that I guess are suppose to prevent falling out of bed - they don't work for Rebecca.

Rebecca is a mover and a shaker when she sleeps, we knew this before because every time we would check on her she would be tucked in one corner of her crib or sprawled out with feet or arms hanging out between the rails.

The first night in her "new" bed she fell out and started to cry and I had to rock her back to sleep. Not too bad for the first night I thought. The next day during nap time she ended up asleep on the floor amongst her toys - probably by choice. The second night around 3 AM I heard faint crying that lasted for a minute or two so I went in to check on her and couldn't find her anywhere! I finally turned on the light and heard the crying coming from under the bed. She had rolled out of bed and then rolled completely under the bed. I had to reach under and pull her out!
Two mornings later when Dan got up and checked her room she was sound asleep just feet from her bedroom door. Since then she has fallen out at least five more times but usually goes right back to sleep when I put her back in bed. Last night she managed to stay in bed all night with the thanks to a large teddy bear that I put next to her to stop her if she rolled the wrong direction. I'm sure she'll learn to stay put eventually. I'm also glad she has never tried to leave her room - I do not need another sleep walker in the house - one is enough!

Here's a picture of her napping yesterday. Looks comfortable uh?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

This week has been pretty quiet. Rebecca and I have just been hanging out. We had our first play group with some other teachers and their kids. Rebecca had fun playing with some new toys and kids. Other than that we've been at home having some fun.This was Rebecca yesterday playing with Playdough. She mostly just puts the lids on and off, but at least she is practicing matching colors.

This morning I caught her in the cereal box!

Isn't her hair cute? I've had a few moms comment on how much hair Rebecca has and that they are jealous because their daughters don't have enough to even put in a ponytail. I like it too, except when Rebecca refuses to let me put it up and she walks around with it hanging in her eyes.

On another topic, how soon can you tell if your child is right or left handed? Rebecca seems to favor her left had when eating and drawing. I really don't have a preference which one she is, but I was just curious.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

This past Thursday we celebrated our neighbor Millie's 85th birthday. Attitudes towards one's own age can be very strange. If you ask a young person their age they will usually tell you with pride. If you ask a middle aged person their age they will usually avoid the question or sometimes even lie. At what point do you become proud of your age again? Do you ever?
85 great years is something to be proud of!
Congrats Millie!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Our farm family's newest members: Welcome Chicken 1, 2, and 3!
Dan did an awesome job at building the chicken trailer. It's about 8 feet long with a handle on one end and small wheels on the other so that it can be moved around the yard from time to time. On the left side of the trailer you can see a chain - that is a door that opens so you can change the feed and water. There is also a small door on the back side of the trailer so you can collect the eggs.We just got the chickens last night and they have already been hard at work! Can you tell which ones are fresh?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

farm life

Here are a few things that we have been up to lately.

fresh rhubarb + fresh strawberries = a bubbly delicious crisp

We've also been building a chicken coop...
and Rebecca has been catching tadpoles.

Just a note, my blogging is going to be in "summer mode" which means fewer updates because our schedule is a little different now and mostly because my internet connection is so bad here at home. This blog took me over an hour.