Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Rebecca is now going to preschool in the mornings, 4 days a week. She started the day after Labor Day and has really enjoyed it. It is so fun to see her excitement and hear about her day. The best thing is that she is going to preschool at Delaware, where I teach. She comes with me to school in the mornings and then I bring her to daycare right before lunch. Her favorite thing to say on the way home is, "So Mom, tell me about your day." And then I ask her the same thing :)

Here is Rebecca on her first day of preschool.

Note: Fall = very busy = less blogging. Sorry to those who check this often.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Party Time

Rebecca turned 4 years old on August 31 and we had a family party for her on Saturday. She picked a "Tangled" theme from the new movie about Rapunzel. I went online and found a good design for a cake that I thought I would be able to do. Overall, I think it was the best birthday yet. We had a great time with family, fun decorations, gifts, and yummy cake. Here are some of the highlights.
Rebecca and her "Tangled" cake.
Rebecca did a great job blowing out her candles!
Here is the cake and the table decorations. I got the idea for the candy filled glasses just the other day while on another one of my favorite blogs. Rebecca did a great job helping me sort the Skittles by color earlier in the day.

The party was topped off by enjoying cake and ice cream and playing with grandparents and cousins.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Our Little Girl turned 4 on August 31st! I can't believe only 4 years ago we were in the hospital holding our new little bundle. Here is a little flashback.

On her birthday morning, we gave her a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Pontier - a new basket, bell, and flag for a bike. She knew after opening them that there had to be a new bike from mom and dad in the garage for her. She couldn't wait to ride it a little in the morning before we left for school. When she got home she rode it until supper time and even wanted to ride some more after her bath. Since our driveway is gravel, it's easier to ride in the garage and she likes makes hot laps around the car.

What a big girl! I wonder how long those training wheels will stay on?