Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

This holiday weekend was very nice. Despite the severe weather in Iowa and the rest of the mid-west, we enjoyed the weekend. We had some rain and strong winds on Sunday, but just enough to shake the dead branches out of the trees. Monday night is was beautiful outside and we ate supper on the deck and then went down to the pond for a bonfire. It was so peaceful watching the fire and listening to the frogs croak.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Look Mommy, a tooth!"

I know that is what Rebecca would say if she could. And actually there are two teeth. Both her bottom teeth have popped up with little fuss. They are a little hard to see in the photos because all she wants to do is grab the camera and her tongue and spit bubbles make it hard to see them, but they are there. Our little girl is getting so big and mature! Almost nine months old!"Give mommy a big toothy smile."

"Open wider.""Let mommy see again."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Mother's Day

My first real Mother's Day was very enjoyable. The weekend as a whole was good also. Here is a quite recap. Saturday morning I hit garage sales again, in Prairie City this time. I went with Rebecca and Dan's mom and sisters. We found some great deals and had fun despite a little rain. In the afternoon the women scrapbooked while Grandma watched the girls. At night, all of Dan's family came over to our house for supper. Sunday we went to our church and then to Dan's parents' for lunch. Rebecca barely slept on Saturday, but gave me a Mother's Day present of a 3 hour nap!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since our post is "The farmers" I guess we had better include a few more farming pictures. Earlier in the week Dan helped our friend Scott do some field work and Rebecca and I rode in the tractor for a little while too. This was Rebecca's first tractor ride. She seemed to really enjoy it for a while and took everything in with big eyes. But after about 20 minutes she was ready to get out and play again.These next pictures just give you an idea of how happy Rebecca is at her new found mobility!

Monday, May 5, 2008

This weekend..

...was full of activity. Saturday I went garage sale shopping in Monroe. I had a couple neighborhoods in mind that I found good stuff at last fall and sure enough, I hit the jackpot. I went to two different sales and got all of Rebecca's summer clothes that she'll need and even a few fall clothes. I thought I was done, but on my way out of town I saw one more sale that I thought would have some good stuff and bingo - look at Rebecca's new kitchen set!!Here is one more picture of the basement. We got two new chairs and soon hope to bring the couch from upstairs down, but first we need to find some new stuff for upstairs. For now Rebecca likes the wide open space to practice getting around. She'll really close to crawling! Although trying to crawl is hard work, so sometime you need to relax and chew on a remote.We didn't make it to Pella's Tulip Time, but Sunday before evening church we drove around and took a few pictures.
According to local reports, these last tulips are suppose to be the largest and are very, very rare. They are said to be big enough to hold a quart of water, if they could hold water.

Other things that kept up busy this weekend were Dan hauling manure (aren't you glad I don't have a picture of that :) and we also got a new car to replace Dan's Contour. If you are in the market for a '98 Contour in fair condition make us an offer!