Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name. Psalms 18:49

Should we be thankful for this cold? I am. I am thankful that God brings us varying weather. That the suns shines some days and it rains others. I am thankful it is not colder than it is. I am thankful because God is good. I will praise the LORD for He is good. His favor is showered upon us.

I was curious this morn. if it is cold in Neerlandia so I pulled up the internet and the closest weather reading I found was in Edmonton and low and behold it is warmer in Edmonton, Alberta than it is in Prairie City, IA. You don't believe me do you. Check it out.

Prairie City, IA

Edmonton, Alberta

The weater will change before you read this so I will post the current temp. for Prairie City and Edmonton just to document it.
Iowa: 9 F
Edmonton: 15 F

And in case there are others curious how warm it is in Nicaragua here is a link for that too.

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  1. Except for moving day here when the house was open all day, I have not been cold in Neerlandia. Even when the temp is 10 degrees colder than Iowa, there is no wind, which means no wind chill. I was out for 45 minutes today scooping snow (we got two inches of light powder) and my hands, feet and face never got cold like in Iowa where the wind howls. Pluse our house here is a lot warmer so no regrets regarding the weather in coming here. No regrets about anything else either. But of course we miss Rebecca. Thanks for the pics today.