Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools?

When we got up this morning it was snowing - no joke. I can't tell you how tired I am of the cold weather. I need some bright sunshine and warm weather to lighted my mood and re-energize me.
There are a few things that still have me smiling though. Dan has been working very hard in the basement and we got our carpet ordered last week. We need to lay tile around the outside door and build columns around the steel poles and then we are ready for carpet!! Rebecca continues to amaze us with her new antics, happy disposition, and joyful babbling and giggles. She is getting better at her sippy cup, but still will only take a few sips. And lastly, I might have a green thumb after all :) I have successfully taken care of an amarillis plant that my dad entrusted to me and it bloomed!
The following are a few videos of Rebecca playing. Sorry to those of you who have a slower internet connection and can't view the videos - trust me, I feel for you. But the grandparents and other family far away love to see how Rebecca is growing. The first video is of her saying, "Hey" again. She says it on command most of the time - except when Grandma is on the phone:) The second is of her playing with her bucket of shapes. She loves to play with them and is really good at dumping them out. We are still working on puting them back in.

I have to post this picture too because it is just so cute!


  1. nice video!
    She is so cute!
    I wish I could come over for an afternoon and hang out with you guys.
    Maybe some other time:)

  2. she is adorable. thanks for posting video. it makes me feel closer.

    try post some video of you and dan....