Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On the Move

Rebecca is on the move. Two weeks ago I took this first picture of her because while I was in the other room she rolled from right by the TV all the way to where she is. I was amazed with her acheivement and took a picture. Now you can't leave her for 1 minute or she will be into something she shouldn't.

Case and point: This past Saturday I took Rebecca into the basement so I could do some touch up paint on the walls. Rebecca happily played in the middle of the room while I did some spot painting. She started to get a little fussy so I thought I would quick close up the paint and bring her upstairs for a nap. I left the room for 1 minute to put the paint away and while I was gone she rolled all the way to the wall, found a wet spot, and stuck her hand in it! I caught her before she touched either herself or the carpet and quickly wiped her hand. That incident and her pulling a house plant over have caused Dan and I to "baby proof" the house a little more.

Here is Rebecca enjoying the finished basement. So much room to play and so little time!

The following are a few videos of Rebecca. The first is of her new found mobility. She loves to roll and flip around in order to get places. It was taken a week ago and I almost feel like it is out of date. She is now getting up on threes (she keeps one leg tucked under her, so she's not quite to all fours :). And last night she started to try and pull herself up by the couch. It's amazing how kids grow and learn so fast!

This next video is of her new found tongue. She discovered that she has control over her tongue and that it is great for blowing bubbles and making funny sounds. She also knows that if she sticks out her tongue mom and dad will laugh and do the same.

And finally, Rebecca and the Bug. Last night she tried very hard to catch the ladybug but thankfully failed. If she had succeeded it probably would have ended up in her mouth.

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