Thursday, April 10, 2008


Rebecca loves to discover new things and last night she discovered how fun it can be to put her nose and mouth on a cold window. I was sitting inside with her and we were watching Dan wash his truck and Rebecca started to breath on the window to make it fog up and then she started to lick and suck on the window. It was quite entertaining so we tried to capture the moment.Here are just some pictures of Rebecca and me hanging out. We love playing on the floor together after we get home around 4:30 every afternoon. Rebecca usually snoozes on the ride home and is rested and ready to play when we get home.

This was taken this morning before Rebecca and I headed out the door. She is always in great mood in the mornings too.

Our basement is just days from being finished. Our carpet guy layed the pad down yesterday and will install the carpet on Friday. Before he layed the pad we had to tile around the basement door. I think it turned out great for our first tiling job! The tile will eventually go under the door and into the bathroom.


  1. she's getting so big! you guys both look really cute. :)

  2. how cute! can't wait to see her in 2 months!!