Thursday, March 27, 2008


There have been previous posts about my involvement with our church cadet club. Last summer I was a campout counselor for several days. This is my third year as a counselor for our Covenant Reformed Church club and fifth year overall.

This year my cadets built model rockets. It was my first time as well. To be honest, I was skeptical that they would fly. But to my amazement they did and did they ever. Last night we flew them at our last meeting of the season and it was a semi-hazy night and our little rockets flew out of sight to the naked eye. They did come back however and we flew one three times before the night was over. Something about smoke and hearing the rocket take off can excite the boy in most any man.

The below pictures are of the two cadets in my cadre. Chu and Lance. Chu's rocket is in the video. Lance's rocket has a tilt to the launching pad because the first couple launches were flown straight up but the slight breeze flew them over the church hence tilting the table. The last lauch we had it perfected and the rocket landed within one hundred feet of the launching pad after flying three to four hundred feet in the air.

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