Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just for Fun

Here are just a few pictures and a video of Rebecca just being herself. Her latest craze is putting her feet in her mouth. It's pretty funny, but can make changing a diaper a little more challenging.
As always, Rebecca loves bath time. She loves sucking the water out of her washcloth and in my attempt to limit the amount of bath water she drinks, I gave her the shampoo container to play with. That went well until she started to put it and soap bubbles in her mouth also. We might have to find some good bath toys, although no matter what it is she will still try and put it in her mouth!
Last, here is a great, big, wet kiss!


  1. Thanks for putting fun pictures on your blog.
    She is cuter every day.
    Do you have spring break anytime soon?

  2. Time for some new pics!

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