Friday, October 19, 2007

Lazy Days

I haven't been completely lazy since being on maternity leave, but I do enjoy the quiet afternoons to scrapbook or watch a movie or blog. But my favorite thing to do is settle in on the couch with Rebecca and enjoy a good book.

Tummy time is not Rebecca's favorite time of the day, but I love to see how strong she is getting and how much she can turn and hold her head up. She likes to be on her boppy pillow more than just flat on the floor. What beautiful eyes!


  1. Great pictures!!
    I've been wondering what you have spent your time doing (without the perils of teaching and coaching):)

  2. hmm....i wish i could go on maternity leave. but mostly i am jealous of what your wearing - turtle necks and jeans.

    its been really rainy and slightly cool here lately, but i am still wearing shorts and a tank top.

    i am so excited for thanksgiving - you really have no idea.

    love you all

  3. I'm jealous too, that looks so relaxing! Maybe I should reconsider having children :)