Thursday, October 11, 2007

Covenant Blessings

This past weekend was very busy, but joyous at the same time. My family all came to visit and see Rebecca for the first time. My parents and brother Jon came from Orange City, my brother David and Andrea came from Chicago, and my sister Grace and Doug and their five kids came from Minnesota. We had a full house, but could have squeezed in one more important person - my younger sister Rachel, but we will have to wait until Thankgiving for her to fly home from Nicaragua. We love and miss you Rachel!
On Saturday we had a baby shower for Rebecca with family and friends. Us ladies had a great time opening presents and decorating/personalizing onesies, bibs, and burp clothes for Rebecca.
The men stayed busy on the farm ATVing, seeing the cows and calves, and enjoying the big machinary. My nephews even got to ride in the combine.

The main event for the weekend was Rebecca's baptism at our church on Sunday night. My dad, who is a minister and also baptized me, was able to baptize Rebecca. It was a significant family time, but more importantly a time to signify that Rebecca is a member of God's covenant and one of his children.

The baptismal gown that Rebecca is wearing was made by my dad's grandmother. It is 61 years old, wore by my father and myself. Rebecca is 15th child to wear it. What an amazing family tradition to show that our God is a God to us and our children after us and throughout all generations.
The Pontier family (except for Rachel of course).The De Vries family.


  1. Very cool about the gown. Did she cry during baptism? It is awesome that so many of your family members could be there.

  2. Sarah and Dan, thanks for sharing the new family pictures! Sarah, the one with you and Rebecca is wonderful--mom and baby! What a great shot of you being a mom; I love it!


  3. Oh, was this while I was in France? Man I wish I could have been there for the baptism. I'm sorry!