Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The first time I ever...

When thinking about what to blog about I think back to this last weekend and the fun Sarah and I had boating with Scott, Chelsie, and Chelsie's brothers; Conner and Cameron. sp?
This picture is not of last weekend on Lake Red Rock but of last Labor Day weekend at Lake Rathbun. That is me believe it or not, the guy who couldn't swim, tread water, or even wanted to get on any water borne vessel until I was a senior at ISU. That is me shown in the picture skiing my very first time ever and also the very first time ever I skied out of the wake. I don't know what I was doing, I was just holding on. Skiing is quite fun and on the danger scale I don't have an exact opinion on what is most dangerous, tubing, knee boarding or skiing. All I know is that for me all of them are scary, I admit it. I didn't grow up doing them at all and I know that makes it more scary. Lord willing my body will hold up for many years and I can enjoy it many more times.

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  1. wow, i am proud of you. kudos for going out of the wake. how did you do when you had to go back in the wake? that is when i usually fall and get a giant wedgie.