Friday, July 6, 2007

Life on the Prairie

And the storm rolls through. Sarah caught this picture out our front window looking west as a storm rolled through. This same storm caused two tornados about 30 miles away.And there are days on the prairie when it snows and the cattle bunch around the hay feeder to fend off the bitterness of winter. The bright light in the center of this picture below is not a meteorite and not the sun shining through the snowy sky, it is Sarah taking a picture from inside our house as I am returning to the barn from feeding hay. The dark spot upward and left of the tractor would be the calves around the hay bale.Soon though spring arrives and the new calves are born. They are cute only a short time though. Their curiousity to follow me around soon turns to fear and they run away instead.
And then summer arrives and the cattle go to pasture to spend the cool spring days and hot sultry afternoons under a shade tree. The wise mothers are hungry for corn and leave their calves behind for a snack. I often will check on the cows and bring corn to lure them to me so I can check them for sickness and count numbers to make sure they are all accounted for.

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  1. I LOVE baby cows. I am so jealous you get to see them close up in the spring. I look at all the new ones in the pastures on my way to work. Do you name them? Probably not because they are going to be...yeah.
    Thanks for the fun to look at post!