Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Bump

Here by popular demand are pictures of the bump. Some may think there's not much there to look at, but this is me 27 weeks pregnant. Trust me, it feels a lot bigger than it looks.
I have heard women say that they love being pregnant, but I have not found that to be true. It is a means to an end and I can't wait for it to be over. Sure, I don't feel to bad about eating ice cream twice a day or sleeping in more than necessary. But what about breaking out like a teenager, the sore back, the feeling of always being full, and the real pain of that little person jamming their foot into your ribs or spine? Those are the realities for me and I'm sure there are a few of you who can relate.
Overall, we have been blessed with a healthy and easy pregnancy so far and are very thankful for that. If only it were so easy to start shopping for this baby. Who knew that there were so many different kinds of car seats, strollers, cribs, diapers, bottles, and the list goes on and on. Just walking into Target is overwhelming and don't even get me started are Babies R Us. Another challenge is getting Dan to even go near one of those stores. If you have any words of wisdom please let me know!


  1. I didn't enjoy it much either. I highly recommend Graco Safeseat b/c the baby can be 32in. & 30lbs. before needing a new seat. -Sharla

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  3. Words of wisdom? How about: "If you love your husband, don't subject him to Babies R Us. Ever." (You're welcome, Dan.)

    Oh, and happy father's day! ;-}

  4. You are not going to get much sympathy from me on the pregnancy front. Number four is a lot worse than number one.

    Bargain with Dan. Tell him you'll shop if he'll assemble the furniture. He doesn't care what color you pick anyway. Take a girlfriend ( or a sister ) with you instead : )

    Love ya,