Thursday, June 7, 2007

Home Makeover Three

I have had requests to blog about something other than home improvement pictures but you will have to bear with me at least one more time. I think our next blog will either have pictures of Sarah and her pregnancy or of myself out mowing alfalfa, which I plan to do the next few days. So please vote with your comments and I may or may not go with what everyone out in the internet world thinks we should blog about. :-)

I am including a few more pictures to show the work we went to installing our second egress window. This picture is a before picture and is in the soon to be bedroom. And this is of the same corner with the egress window in. And just so you know; I am not interested in being hired to install these windows except to the highest bidders or if there is food involved. It is challenging work and we learned as we went.This picture is of my beautiful wife standing next to the bedroom egress window. You can see that ground level is about halfway down the window and in the background is our pine tree wind break. And yes, Sarah is pregnant and beautiful.

This picture here is almost the final view from outside. We will install a window well and trim it out to finish the window off.


  1. wow, nice ventana. lets see more of the pregnat lady.

  2. Dan,
    I would like to see more of the cattle and you mowing hay. Sorry, the vet has to put in his 2 cents.

    Andy VR

  3. nice!
    Wow that looks like a lot of work.
    Also, glad to see a pict of you pregnant!
    Your not coming up to S.C. anytime in from June 22-28 are you? just wondering:)