Friday, July 11, 2014

Oink Oink Moo, Look Who's 2!

(Just trying to pick up where I left off 8 months ago! Real life has taken over and I find little time for reflecting/blogging on our simple life. This blog has been an amazing journal of our family life whether anyone reads it or not. So as I start my new role as a "stay at home" mom, I want to pick up where I left off and hopefully find time to continue.)

Blake turned 2 on January 19! He loves animals and the farm. What little boy of a farm family doesn't? At 2 he knows all the sounds farm animals make and when asked what the farmer says, he replies, "E-I-O". Also, any farm book, puzzle, or movie we have is called "E-I-O". 
I got inspiration for the cake off Pinterest of course and can up with the wall sign on my own. The animal cut outs and napkins are from the party store.
Our Family of 5!
 The base of the cake was made in a large deep dish pizza pan and I used one and a half cake mixes for it. The barn was made with half of a cake mix in a 8x8 pan, which I then cut into pieces and stacked up. Thankfully it all got covered with a good layer of frosting and no one knows how messy it started.
Make a wish!
 The birthday meal menu was a few of Blake's favorites - hot ham and cheese sandwiches, corn, cheesy potatoes and applesauce. Cake was served with ice cream of course!
He got plenty of new toys and clothes too, including a barn shape sorter, a Lego car set, a Lego firehouse set and a DreamLite.
Happy Birthday Blake! You are such a happy and spunky 2 year old. We love you so much and you bring so much joy to our family!!


  1. What?!? Stay at home mom!! I am so excited for you. You will love it. I unfortunately am slowly easing my way back to teaching. I am going to start doing a some subbing this year, both excited and nervous to get back into it. I am so impressed with the cake. You could always pick that up as a part time job!! :)

    1. Bev! Good to hear from you! Yes, I'm staying home now. It was so hard to leave Delaware after 10 years, but it was time to focus a little more on our family. I'll probably blog more about it in August when it really hits me that I'm not going back. Good luck with subbing! Hope all else is well!