Saturday, July 19, 2014

Little League

This year was Rebecca's first year in Little League. She really had a great time, but it was a big step up from playing Bam Bam Ball as a 5 year old last year. It was also a big step up for us getting all the equipment that goes with playing ball - glove, bat, helmet with a face guard, pants, socks, and cleats! She better continue to play :) 
Rebecca (far right) was on the Gold team. This is both the Black and Gold team (k-2).
Up to bat. They started hitting off a pitching machine, but then went to coach pitch.
She got much better throughout the season at paying attention in the outfield. After the first game I told her that she had to pay me 10 cents every time she played in the dirt while in the field :)
Here she is playing catcher, which was really just for looks because I don't think she caught a single one. The ball just bounced past her to the coach that was also behind the plate, but she had fun! 

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