Friday, March 23, 2012

They're back...

The chickens are back for the summer! Well, not the same chickens, but new ones that look just about the same. We're excited to have fresh eggs again and we are hoping that Rebecca will take some more responsibility for them - so far so good.
We have found through trial and error that 3 chickens is the perfect number for the size cage we have. So why are there four birds? Well hopefully you can see that one is a rooster! The rooster was a freebie and not really our idea, but the plan is to turn him into rooster soup very soon. And I mean VERY SOON, he's only been here for two days and already I'm tired of listening to him.
Due to local the raccoon and fox population, we have chicken wire and hog panels on the cage.
Rebecca is great at filling the feed tray, but still needs a little more bravery to reach into the cage and get the tray out.
Three chickens = three eggs every day.

These are extra, extra, large eggs. The lid on the carton will not even close! 

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