Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye: Pack-n-play in mom and dad's room! Blake has been sleeping in our room since coming home from the hospital. It's been easier for nighttime feedings and just keeping an eye (and ear) on him. He's lasted a lot longer in our room than Rebecca did as a baby. We kicked her out after only 2 weeks. Either Blake is a quieter sleeper than Rebecca or I am a more sound sleeper (aka more exhausted each night). Yesterday Blake was 6 weeks old and I thought it was time he head over to his own room.

So GOODBYE pack-n-play in mom and dad's cramped bedroom (there is literally about 18 inches between our bed and the pack-n-play = lots of stubbed toes!)

Notice the books on the left, I propped up the back side so Blake's head was slightly higher. That helped with his reflux and congestion he seemed to have at night.
Hello: Big Boy Crib! Blake took his first nap yesterday in the crib and slept for 2 hours! That is great compared to his 20-60 minute naps he had been taking in his bouncy seat. He also slept in his crib last night and did great. He slept for 3-4 hours between feedings. I also slept better. I didn't have to listen to him grunt and groan as he woke up or fell back asleep. I only heard him when he really cried and I knew he was really awake and ready to nurse.

I really want to post more pictures of Blake's room, but first we have to finish it :) There are still pictures to frame, and closet shelf to install, and I want to get wooden letters to put his name on the wall. More projects to work on so stay tuned.

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