Thursday, March 29, 2012

A little bit genius, a little bit ridiculous

The other day I got a catalog in the mail called "One Step Ahead, Ingenious Products for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids". I am fascinated by this catalog and have looked at it about 10 times now. But I have to admit that about half the products are not ingenious, they are actually pretty ridiculous. Just thought I would share a few of the genius ideas and some of the ridiculous.

We'll start with the ridiculous:
Seriously? Knee pads for crawling? If you think you need to protect your child from sore knees, you might as well keep them in a bubble until they're 18. Sore knees from crawling should be the least of your worries!
This concept is actually not that bad, but look at the price tag! $75! That is ridiculous. If you want a cheaper way to get your kid to stop sucking his thumb, try a toilet paper tube and duct tape :)
Really? A potty watch? This just seems silly to me and a waste of money.  It is not that hard to remind your child to go to the bathroom for the short time that you are training them.
Now for some good ideas:
I love this organizer! (Well, I pretty much like any kind of organizer!) The back seat of our car often looks like a tornado hit. I've tried homemade versions of a backseat organizer, but none of them were as nice as this and none of them worked. I would pay money for this.
This may seem like a silly little thing, but I remember Rebecca practically pouring a whole bottle of water down the front of her shirt when trying to drink. Again, I would pay money for this.
What a great idea. One of the things I hated about potty training was using the potty seat on the the big toilet. I love things for kids that blend in with the adult world. It's so discreet. 
Okay, this is by far the best idea in the whole catalog! As a parent of tall/long children I know the pain of trying to stretch a onesie to snap it close. Blake is already too long for some of his his 6 month onsies. This would help out  immensely! Although I would spend money on these, I want to try and make them myself first.
What do you think? Have you seen any genius or ridiculous ideas for babies or kids?

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  1. I am always facinated with that magazine too. My in-laws have the built-in potty seat which is pretty cool. I haven't seen the water bottle toppers before, but that is a great idea to have in the car. Some of the stuff in that magazine is soo expensive, but still fun to look at:)