Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sarah, Plain and Tall

This title (the "plain" part) is so true when it comes to how I like to eat. I know that I set the goal of posting a new recipe every Tuesday and I still plan on trying to do that. But today while thinking of what we have eaten lately trying to think of a recipe to post, I realized that very few meals that I make regularly actually use a recipe.

I like my food pretty plain. I know that I am the black sheep of my family when it comes to my passion for food and being in the kitchen making it, but it works for me and thankfully Dan doesn't mind too much. Although, I have had to remind him a few times that he did not marry my mom.

One of my favorite "plain" meals, no recipe needed.

Marinated (in Zesty Italian dressing) chicken breast - grilled, pasta with butter, peas, sprinkled with a little parmesan cheese.

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  1. This looks good!
    I commented on your last post too:)