Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was filled with lots activity. On Friday my sister Grace, her husband Doug, and 5 of their 6 kids can to our house. A few hours later, Grace and I abandoned our husbands (with all the kids) and drove to St. Louis to spend a few days with our younger sister Rachel. I don't have any pictures from St. Louis, so I will save the details of that for another time when I got a few pictures from Rachel.

Back at our house the kids had a great time hanging out on the farm. One of the highlights of the weekend was Jake finding a salamander in the window well of our house. It was their "pet" for a few days and everyone had fun watching it. I've gotten accustom to all the frogs around our house and pond, but I had no idea there was also salamanders around - a little unsettling, but I guess they are rather harmless.
Jake with the salamander.

Rebecca, Joanna, and Jake with the salamander and two frogs.


  1. I love how Rebecca is looking adoringly at Jo. I sense a bit of heroine worship

  2. It reminds me of the way my youngest sister used to look at my oldest sister.