Saturday, May 21, 2011

Water Play

Rebecca LOVES to play with water. Ever since she was a baby, she has loved bath time and now that she is older, she loves to play in the sink and with the water hose outside. I've let her "wash" dishes a few times in the kitchen, but the water overflowing the counters and floor is enough to drive me crazy. So this winter after she had flooded the kitchen yet again, I decided that when in warmed up I would build her a water table for outside. That idea evolved into an "outdoor kitchen" concept. And this is what I built her this week. 

Pretty great right?! I was impressed with my mad skills too *wink* *wink*. I used the miter saw, the circular saw, and the electric drill all by myself. The wood I used was what we had in the garage and we've had that blue tub for so long, I don't even know where it came from. So this project cost me nothing except a little time. I have to give some credit to Dan too. He cut out the top hole where the blue "sink" drops in. The deck needs to be stained again this summer, so I will give the kitchen a good coat of stain too.

It's a big hit! Many hours of fun for Becca!

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  1. Awesome!!! I have been thinking about buying a water table off craigs list, but yours is great.
    I love the look of your blog too.