Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

This is Teacher Appreciation Week. Here are a few simple ways that we appreciated the people in our lives. And who doesn't love a little play on words?

On the last day of Sunday School we said thank you to Rebecca's teachers with a plant. The card says, "Thank You for Helping me GROW in the Lord." Rebecca decorated the front of the cards and I wrote a note on the inside.

This is also Child Care Appreciation week (I'm sure there are many others lumped into this week before Mother's Day also, but I don't know the whole list). We are so fortunate to have a great place to bring Rebecca each day that I work. Rebecca has been going to Angie's since she was 4 months old and just loves her. I don't know if we could have found a more caring person to take care of our daughter! Here are of few thank you treats for Angie this year.
Assorted Berries
Donut Holes
I hope you find a great way to appreciate the teachers and care givers in your life with either thoughtful words or a simple gift.

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