Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Customer Service?

So I'm going to vent a little because I can. Last year during an icy storm and a subsequent "snow day" from school I spotted some gorgeous boots on endless.com. I had been looking for a great pair of boots to warm my cold feet and here they were with free over night shipping!

I enjoyed loved my boots for almost a year before the seam on the front of the right boot began to split open. I knew I could probably sew or glue it back together, but I also knew that Eastland shoes had a good guarantee policy that I had used in the past to replace a pair of shoes. I went through all the leg work to email them and ask them about replacing the boots and with a small tear in my eye, sent them off in the mail. A week or so later I got a call from Darla at Eastland customer service who informing me that my boots were indeed defective and that I could have them replace. BUT they no longer have my size in that style and I would have to choose a different style. NO GO! I went to the website and liked NOTHING else they had to offer.
So I called Darla back and told her that I was disappointed and I would just like my boots back. She said, "I can't do that, they have already been thrown away." THROWN AWAY!! I was very upset to say the least. I was about to tell her to go dumpster diving after them, but I tried to stay calm.  Long story short, I talked with a manager and let her know how upset I was with this policy of THROWING AWAY my boots. She finally agreed that although it is "against their policy", they would refund my money even thought I did not buy them through Eastland.

So the hunt is back on for warm boots to keep my toes from freezing...next winter.
Bring on Spring!


  1. I like this story. In the end....YOU WIN. Kind of:)
    I played volleyball tonight and my team was like: You are awesome at cross-court sets to the outside. I replied with "we did those drills all the time in high school".
    MISS YOU. It would be so fun to get together and play volleyball.

  2. I'm surprised they had you send back your boots without you having chosen something else. Bummer, but at least you got some cash out of the deal :)