Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flowers are Blooming

My craftiness comes and goes depending on my mood, inspirations, and time. Last week I had parent teacher conferences, which was BUSY, but then I had an extra day off on Friday. I was very productive on Friday - painting, laundry, cleaning, and CRAFTING. I've been eyeing a few different flower tutorials lately and decided to just give them a try. Not bad for my first try!
Felt flower with clear, round buttons in the middle.
Fabric flowers with a pin on the back.
While making the felt flower, I thought, "This is so easy I could make a tutorial for it." But then I thought, "No, I'll just give credit to the person I got the idea from and save myself the time." So here is the link to the felt flower tutorial. And here is the link to the fabric roses.
(click on the word "link" to find the website)
I'm seriously thinking of hosting a craft night at my house for those who are interested in making things like this or have another simple craft to share. I'll be in touch...


  1. Very Cute..do you have a link. thanks

  2. Click on the word "link" to get to the website. Sorry that isn't very clear. I guess I need to change the font color a little.