Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hooking Up

It just so happens that my least favorite place in the house is in my new favorite room (the remodeled kitchen). I have never liked the entrance to our house from the garage. You step directly into the kitchen - it's cramped and usually covered with shoes and in the winter, coats, hats, and boots. Our long term plan is to maybe build a small entry room in the garage and step up to the kitchen, but I still wanted a fix for now. When I saw this idea on another blog, I knew it would work in our house too.

So here is my least favorite place in the house as it usually looks. The shelf works well, but it doesn't really go with the new white cabinets. I also don't like that Rebecca can't hang up her own coat and backpack or get them down after Dan or I has hung them up.
So here is the new design. I bought two pieces of molding - same profile, but one is is taller that the other. I also got new hooks that would match our new cabinet hardware. The larger molding went on the top with the double hooks and the other molding went on the bottom with the smaller hooks.
You will still need to be careful to not trip over the shoes, but there is more room to hang up coats and Rebecca is excited to be able to reach her own coat and backpack. I do want to find a hanging basket of some sort for extra hats and gloves since there is no longer a shelf. I'm also excited to decorate the wall with a little art work over the top - either some white picture frames or vinyl wall words. So now this is no longer my least favorite place in the house :)

(Feeling the need to give credit where credit is due. Here is the blog I got the idea from, which was a link from this blog that I visit often.)


  1. I like it - I might steal it for my house! I have the same problem!

  2. If you steal from the garage to make an entry room you will regret it later.

  3. we had an entry in our house in orange city, a garage one I mean and it was great! What is opposite your door? Could you put baskets there? Or a closet shoe rack?