Saturday, March 19, 2011

Final Reveal!

(Not of the kitchen...yet)

This final reveal is of Rebecca's "big girl" room. We started this project back in December of 2009 and are finally finished! 

Here is a flash back to Rebecca's nursery...

 And here is her big girl room (after about 20 minutes of cleaning :)...
 We started by switching out her toddler bed for twin bunk beds.  We got them from my parents and they are the same ones that my sister and I slept on as kids. With the new beds came new bedding. I found deep purple sheets on clearance at Wal-mart and the rest of the room evolved around that color. I found the same color purple poke-a-dot fabric for the bed spreads and it inspired the poke-a-dot pattern on the wall. Although I had good intentions of sewing the bed spreads and the curtains, they were a little out of my league. So with two different visits from my mom, the second of which was this past week, she help complete the room.
The other furniture is as follows:
dresser - craig's list, $20
desk - hand me down from Dan's sister
shelf - craig's list, part of an office set
fabric poke-a-dot bins (on the shelf) - Target
rocker - Babies R Us, stayed in the room from before
fabric cube storage (by the bed) - Wal-mart

I really think that this room will grow well with her and we won't have to redecorate for a long time.

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  1. Now if she would just sleep in the bed instead of on the floor :)