Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Giant Green Bean

The new "green bean" is up at the farm, at least that's what Rebecca calls it. The rest of us would know it as a grain bin. Dan has been working very hard on getting this grain bin moved from near Kellogg to Marv's farm near our house. There was a lot to do involving this move, but here is my non-farmer, shortened version of the whole process: First Dan disassembled part of the grain bin in its original location and had the top of the grain bin moved by a special trailer. Then the grain bin was reassembled in its new location. Lots of hours and helping hands were needed, but things went pretty smoothly.
Taking the grain bin down a few rings.
The new pad of cement for the grain bin.
The grain bin top going over Interstate 80.
The grain bin top reached its new home.
The grain bin in its new home with only 2 more rings to add.
Some more helping hands and the 2 shiny new rings added.

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