Friday, March 12, 2010

More little projects

I'm having a lot of fun with small sewing projects lately. It's a good stress reliever - gives me something else to thing about than the things that are stressing me out.

Here is a bag I made for my nephew Josh who just turned one! I bought the tote and just lined it and sewed a pocket on the front.

This is a blanket I made for baby Kennedy due to arrive on the 17th to my friend Bev.
This last bag I made for Rebecca. She picked out the fabric and calls the monkey "George" becasue he is her favorite. It's her new church bag and is just the right size for a few books, paper and pencil, and a treat. I love making these little bags!


  1. Love the bag for Josh!! And the gifts inside are perfect for him. He loves the trucks especially! Thanks!!!

  2. They look great. Happy to see you sewing. I always find it a stress reliever as well. Provided I don't have to put in a zipper.