Friday, October 31, 2008

Our new little addition

No, no, not a sibling for Rebecca, we built a new porch!
I have never been a fan of the front of our house. There is NO curb appeal. Good thing we don't have a curb and most people drive by at 60 mph. This is an area that I have struggled with since we moved in. I've tried replacing all the plants and putting in bricks, but I'm still not very happy with it. I would love someone to come and tell me what to do and what plants would look good.
The porch good is a start to more curb appeal, but it needs a lot more. We used to have concrete steps going up to the front door and sad, mismatched railings. So we made some measurements, went to the store, bought the supplies, and whipped this porch into shape in two days. Dan did most of the work, I just help with a little planning and holding things in place. All it needs is a coat of stain. Rebecca loves it and I like it too because now she can't fall off the edge :)

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