Monday, October 27, 2008


I've long been a fan of ChapStick (I hesitate to use the word "addicted" but that might be true also). Back in college I discovered Vanilla Mint Chapstick and there is no going back. I recently ran out everywhere - my purse, my dresser, my desk at work, etc. I have looked in just about every store I'm in to see if they have it with no luck! I finally broke down and bought some Blistex and was only slightly satisfied - still longing for the best. This morning I found Vanilla Mint Chapstick and bought everything they had!! I was in Walmart and found a whole display of Chapstick and they had Vanilla Mint! I was shocked and oh so happy. I now have 4 tubes of Vanilla Mint that I will love every time I use it! I also now have the assurance that the company still makes it.

Hope your day is just as happy :)


  1. Funny. :) I can relate, though for me it's cherry...

  2. Yeah, I am very particular when I go has to be Herpicen L with SPF 30. Since using it I haven't gotten a cold sore from being in the sun too long:)
    But...there are NEVER coupons for it:(

  3. They sell them in 24 packs on line.

  4. Lol, Sarah! You'll never believe it! I was at the West Ames Hy-Vee when I was down for the half marathon and found...vanilla mint chapstick! I was floored and immediately thought of you. I bought you a tube so expect it in the mail soon. (or should I over-night it?)

    Just looking out for ya.