Tuesday, October 14, 2008

13 months going on 13 years

Rebecca just loves to talk on the phone!


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  2. The plot in case she was hard to understand.

    Prior to the scene shown Rebecca was driving her car(basket) too fast and overturn.

    So after regaining consciousness she empties her purse(yellow toy box lid) and tosses it out the window.

    She then takes out her phone dialing 911. (Notice she only dialed three digits.)

    Rebecca says: I ditched my car.
    Responder says: Please remain calm.
    Rebecca says: ok
    Responder says: Please stay by your car there is help on the way.
    Rebecca says: I will

  3. hehehe.
    That is great. It was cute without the story...but takes on a lot more meaning with the story:)

  4. that is not what happened.

    she was talking to her aunt Roach.

    i thought it was obvious.