Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey Buster! No, it's a hay buster.

Tis' the season for feeding hay to the cows. And tis the season for disguising poor quality hay amongst better quality hay by grinding it together like chopping veggies with some brownies. We hired a man to custom grind some hay so the cows wouldn't be able to sort out the lower quality hay. It turned out really well. Scott helped me haul hay last week and borrowed his skid steer to move them to the grinder. It has knives in the bottom and the round tub rotates to move the hay over the knives. The conveyor hauls the hay out the bottom and up the chute to make a pile. Amazing or not the grinder can grind one per minute. It has a small 500+ horsepower engine on it. Saboss!

Do I need to apologize for not including pictures of our child this week? I am sure many of you log on just to see Rebecca and not see the exciting happenings on the farm. Christmas pictures will be posted someday. Stay tuned.

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