Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I'm sure that is what many of you faithful viewers are thinking by now - "finally!" Well I'm glad to be finally blogging again also. The long wait has been due to a combination of being gone over the Thanksgiving holiday and computer troubles. But I think we finally have a good working computer that we can rely on for a while. So here are some updates on what we've been doing.

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Orange City to be with my family. It was the first time since last Christmas that we had all been together. Rachel was home from Nicaragua and finally got to meet Rebecca.

Whenever my family gets together we like to take a family picture - it's great to see the new additions year after year!

Since this was Rebecca's first Thanksgiving we thought we would have a little fun. Here she is with my mom's 19 pound turkey. Rebecca is only tipping the scales at 14 pounds.

Here is Rebecca looking super cute in her dress and shoes. I still can't get over how cute baby shoes are!
The most recent family update is that Rebecca has a new baby cousin. Dan's sister, Debbie and husband Greg has another baby girl on Sunday, Jessica Lynn. Here is Dan holding Jessica with big sister Allison and Debbie.

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  1. YEAH!
    I am a faithful viewer, and I am super glad to hear from yall via the blog update!
    It was great seeing you at thanksgiving.
    Take care.