Monday, December 17, 2007


Dozer! I don't even know her!
As some of you know we have a bull named Dozer; give credit to Sarah for the creative name. Get it. We have a bull dozer. He has a story he has not told us. Not about the fun he has had and we all know that bulls have fun, but about how he lost his nose ring. Yes he had a nose ring, but tonight when I showed Sarah this picture she noticed he didn't anymore.
I am curious how many of you out there in blogger land know why bulls have nose rings.

A. To rattle against metal objects like bale rings or gates to tell his cows he's the bull
B. To be used as part of his bit when they are rode as bucking bulls
C. To keep from getting their noses in the wrong places, like you know where
D. To be tied up and led around like a pet
Send us your guess as a comment.


  1. i am going to go with letter A.

    what do i win if i get it right?

  2. Hmmm.
    I choose "to control the animal" so maybe letter B or D.
    But hay, what do I know.
    I love the name of your bull!!!

  3. Ponch,
    The answer is not A.

    The winner will get a ride on dozer for up to eight seconds or as long as you can stay on.

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  5. I'm Angie's sister-in-law and she showed me your blog. So we asked my dad why he put rings in his bulls' noses: To control the animal. Is there an option E for our answer?
    Davina Shaler Perret

  6. I think it is the last answer, to pull them around as a pet.....ouch!!! That would hurt if someone yanked too hard

  7. the ring tells you if they're married or single.