Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Look Who's 2!

Our baby turned 2 on October 28! 
As always, it's crazy how fast the years go! Brianna Joy is really a "joy" to our family. More often than not, she is happy, smiling, and laughing. People/strangers often comment that she is a happy girl and freely gives out smiles. She is just starting to talk (real words) when prompted and loves to "sing" loudly in the car. 
She's not really "into" anything at this age so I wasn't quite sure how to decorate her cake, but when I saw a full sized Care Bear at the store I knew that would be great for her. Last year for Halloween I turned one of her sweatsuits into a Care Bear costume and she was SUPER cute! And it was a little throwback to my own childhood of having a Care Bear and mom making my sisters and me matching Care Bear sweatsuits.

Here's some pictures of the Birthday Girl!
Happy Girl!

Not a bad family picture ;)
"Two" - Brianna is pretty good at saying the word two.
Plenty of gifts to open!
A new Lego set - she loves the car it came with.
Her very own Care Bear! She sleeps with it every night now. It also came with a short DVD and she has watching it MANY times already.
Here is a the picture of her as a one year old Care Bear - so cute!!

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