Monday, October 5, 2015

Rebecca turns 8!

Happy 8th Birthday to Rebecca on August 31!

She had been "planning" her birthday celebration for the last 6 months, but when it came down to the real deal, it was pretty low key. Her birthday was a Monday on which day both Dan and I had meetings at night, so we had a very early family meal together followed by cake and presents.
Rebecca picked the menu of chicken nuggets, potato fries, corn, and applesauce. She also wanted a watermelon cake (a strawberry flavored cake with mini chocolate chips in the batter and decorated like a watermelon slice) after seeing a picture of one on Pinterest.
Part 2 of her birthday celebration was 2 weeks later on a Saturday when we got together with Dan's family. Aunt Linda came to pick up Rebecca in the morning and they spent a good part of the day together shopping and eating out - generally spoiling Rebecca rotten, which she loved!! Thanks Aunt Linda!! At night, all the De Vries' came over to celebrate Rebecca's birthday and her cousins Brooke and Katie's 4th birthday. The younger girls wanted a Frozen cake, so I made a double layer cake that could be reversed for all of the girls. 
On the other side it says, "Happy Birthday Brooke and Katie" and we just turned the figurines around - worked perfect!
 All the birthday girls :)

 Make a wish!

Rebecca loved her new Legos, clothes, devotional, whiteboard markers, and few other goodies.


  1. Aunt Linda had a Great Time too =) !! A little girl time is always necessary!!!