Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm not really an animal person

This might surprise some of you seeing that I am a farmer's wife. But for the record, I am not an animal person. For me this means that I do not find great pleasure in being with or taking care of animals and I have no significant attachment to any pet. That being said, I'm very far from being an animal hater, especially when in comes to kittens. I have a slight soft spot for kittens.
This is Copy Cat, she looks exactly like her mother Spotty.
Back in the summer of 2012 we got 5 kittens free from a garage sale. Life on the farm can be hard for cats and by the end of the winter we only had 2 left and one was going to have kittens of her own. Today we only have one of the original 5, Spotty, and she is our mama cat and has had about 12 babies that we know off. Not all of these kittens have been tame, which is fine by me, I'm no cat herder and the more tame they are the more they follow you around and get under foot. 

The kids are definitely loving a few of the newest kittens. There are 3 tame ones out of the five that Spotty had about a month ago.
Brianna loves to watch the kitties through the window. She squeals at them!
Copy Cat is our favorite, but she is also the runt and as of now is not fairing so well.
Here is Brianna with Peaches and Cream. A little blurry because neither kittens nor one year olds sit still!
Holding Copy Cat.
She's in love!
The other new kittens who are not tame are Fudge (an all black kitten) and S'more (who looks like Copy Cat, but with a different spot pattern).

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