Saturday, February 23, 2013


Printrest  has been around for a while now and everyone is pinning everything - literally. Pintrest has become the new Google search for some. I was hesitant to join at first, but when I fully understood what Pintest was and how it worked, I was hooked.

Back in the day, I actually had a primitive form of Pintrest that I made myself. There were many crafty blogs that I followed and if I saw an idea that I loved I would copy and paste the web link into a Word document (I know, not even a Google doc - primitive) with a little note by it so I could reference it when I had the time. Pintrest has made it so much easier to "pin" all those great ideas that you want to save.

I have the philosophy that I only want to pin things that I actually think I will use someday. I have seen other people with thousands of pins just because they like it, but what is the point of pinning something if you are not actually going to use it? I don't want my Pintrest boards full of fashion I will never own, houses I will never live in, food I will never make, crafts I will never have the time to make, or abs that I will never see in the mirror.

To this day, I have about 250 pins on 11 different boards. I like to keep my boards clean, especially my recipe board. If I try something that I don't like I delete it right away. Keeping things simple and organized, has helped me have quite a few successes.

I have tried many recipes - lots of good freezer meals, a few sweet treats, and a great chicken rub that I have used a lot. I have also used some ideas for school - nothing that has drastically improved achievement (unfortunately) but some cute activities the students had fun with. There are a few craft ideas that I really want to try and maybe this summer (when school is out) I will have time - one can always hope. I really wish I had documented some more of these successful ideas from Pintrest, but here are a few.

Add peal and stick tiles to the cabinet under the sink (not sure about yours, but my cabinet was pretty gross). 
I patched Rebecca's jeans with a little but of style. These are now her favorite pair.
Many of these ideas for Blake's first birthday party came from Pintrest.  Actually, I might repin this image back to Pintrest so others can maybe use the ideas.

As much as I love Pintrest, there are few draw backs:
1. If I'm honest, I spend way too much time browsing. Time I should be actually doing something, rather than looking at pictures of things I wish I could do.
2. It's easy to get a little depressed and discontent while looking at all the wonderful things other people are doing - knowing full well that it will never be me.
3. People can say anything and claim anything they want on the internet, so don't believe everything you read or see. (One of the pins that always makes me laugh says something like "Make your own laundry soap and save $200 a year!" I don't know about you, but I figured out that I spend about $80 a year on laundry soap, so I don't think making my own will save me $200).

With all that said, get out there and start pinning (wisely, of course) and have some fun with it!


  1. Amen, Sarah! I held off a long time on doing Pinterest b/c it seemed to me just a "covet/wish" list of things I want but can't have and while it can be used in that way by some, I soon realized it didn't have to be and do mine similarly to you...although I'm not much into crafts (surprised really?:) but do like it for same reasons. I'll have to find your chicken rub pin! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yep. I agree.
    I have to say the birthday party ideas are my favorite part..but I have always loved throwing parties.
    And to date, I have not lost too much time searching on pintrest and wasting too much time, but yesterday I won a kindle fire in a drawing and it was the third app I downloaded (after Angry Birds (for Jay) and monster truck racing (for Jay) So we'll see:)