Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patching with Style

As part of the Pintrest Challenge over at Young House Love, here's my Pintrest project.

On my last post about Pintrest, I mentioned that one of the ideas I saw and tried was how to patch jeans with some style. I thought I would give a step by step of how I patched a few of Rebecca's jeans. It's been a while since I did a crafty blog and I am excited to share this with you.

First you need some jeans with holes in the knees, which Rebecca has plenty of.
 Find some cute fabrics, which I have plenty of.
 You will also need some embroidery thread in a variety of colors that will coordinate with your fabrics.
 I used Stitch Witchery to fuse the patch to the jeans. So far it has held up very well through several wearings and washings. This pictures shows 1/4 inch, but I actually used 3/4 inch. I just didn't have the packaging for that size.
 Cut the fabric large enough to cover the hole with at least 2 inches around each side. This piece is about 6 inches square. Line the right side of the fabric with the stitch witchery and hover your iron over it to soften the stitch witchery (these are the directions on the package).
 Position the patch upside down on the jeans, the jeans are inside out. Again follow the directions on the stitch witchery package to attach the patch.
 The directions said to place a damp cloth over the patch and press the iron on the cloth for a few seconds, lifting and pressing again.
 Once the patch is in place, choose some matching thread and begin hand stitching stars around the patch in an artistic way. This is the most tedious part and takes a little while. You will have to have one hand inside the jeans and pull the thread through. You can also add different color stars to one pair of jeans. Be creative!

When you are done with the stars, flip the jeans inside out and tie off the thread. The inside won't be pretty, but no one will see that part :)
 Here are 4 different pairs of jeans that I have patched for Rebecca.

Thanks Pintrest for the great idea. Rebecca loves her "new" jeans!

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