Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farm life updates

This past spring I had to install a creek crossing on one of our farms.  Here is the excavator doing some dirt work to finish installation.
 And after much shopping my bro and I bought a dozer.  We used it to clear some trees on my farm and will use it extensively to shape waterways and land repairs in the years to come.
 Rebecca came along to help do some dozing and after getting a thorn in her foot went to wash her feet in the creek.  The creek is quite the oasis even on a hot day.
On this occasion this spring Rebecca helped fill the planter and had the job of putting the lids on.
This past week I was spraying soybeans and tried my best to take a picture of Rebecca driving.  She is excited at the thought of helping but low on attention span once she is in the tractor.  She has the idea that the other parent is always having more fun and insists on going home to be with Mom or going to see Dad and help me.
And finally, we were out this afternoon checking the cattle and took a picture of how tall the corn is.  The corn is officially head high on a 4 1/2 year old.
P.S. If there are farm questions or requests for blogs about anything farm related let me know.  

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