Friday, January 21, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

Whatcha Got Cooking?
That's right, the appliances are here. And for the stove to answer that question, my go-to favorite, Sloppy Joe. It's going to take me a while to learn the heat settings on the gas stove, but I love it already. I really love the the full top grill. It makes setting pots down and moving them around so easy. The oven bakes wonderfully as well.

And for the microwave to answer that question, NOTHING! Because the microwave doesn't work. I guess we just thought we could install the microwave, plug it in, and it would work. But that's not what happened. We installed it, plugged it in, and it did not work. A new one is being delivered on Monday.
The fridge is my new best friend. I LOVE not having to bend over to get in the fridge. I also love that the drawers and shelves are clear and I can SEE everything. No more lost leftovers shoved to the back and found weeks later.
I'm sure our dish washer is a little jealous that he does not have a shiny stainless steal finish, but he has a few more good years left before we need to think about replacing him. We also got word today that the counter top is coming on the 27th!


  1. Sweet. Great progress. I am jealous of your super shiny fridge. Does it have an ice maker too?

  2. Yes, there's an ice maker in the freezer drawer. Dan had a "great" time running a water line for it, since our old freezer did not have one.

  3. Hope the kitchen is finished when I visit in March.