Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes the flooring is in and looking great! I had a snow day on Tuesday of this week and was able to finish all the painting that I wanted to do before the flooring was laid. This is my "I...can't...breathe..." picture. The kitchen and dining room were a complete mess! So right after I took this picture I cleaned up everything and could finally breathe better.

We bought laminate flooring from Lowes. We liked the durability of laminate and the easy of installation. I was pretty picky about the look and feel of it and felt we got a pretty good "almost wood" look. Dan and I laid to first few panels on Wednesday night and he insisted that I include a picture of myself. Believe it or not, this is the best we had :)

Thursday Dan and Scott finished the floor by the time I got home from school! We took out the stove and will be eating microwave meals until Monday when the NEW APPLIANCES!!! come. The old fridge is still in the middle of the dining room on cardboard, but oh well.

Look how great the white quarter round looks at the base of the freshly painted cabinets! I love that look!

As you can see there are still no cabinet doors or drawers. These are in a pile in the basement waiting to be painted and I plan on getting to them soon. I don't mind the "no doors" look too much and it's easy to get things, but the not having drawers is a big pain. Those are the things you use every day. So drawers will get painted first!


  1. wow! Awesome progress. The picture of you is hilarious. I wish I had ambition to do that. Over the long weekend I plan on takling some cleaning and getting a start on taxes:(
    Can't wait to see a "finshed" picture with the appliances.

  2. It looks great!!

  3. Wow this is looking great Sarah! I can't wait for the final reveal!


  4. Love the flooring! Looking great!

  5. You must have had some GREAT painters working on those lower cabinets...