Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From the mouth of a 2 year old

Rebecca talks pretty much non-stop and here are a few of the things we listen to all day.

Just 2 days ago: "Why? Why? Why mommy? Why?"

Then yesterday: "Where? Where? Where mommy? Where?"
After the second or third question Dan and I just ignore her as best we can and eventually she stops asking.

Rebecca also talks in third person a lot which can sometimes be confusing. The other day she kept saying, "Becca come too, mommy!" Which means she wants to go with you. We also hear, "Becca do it! Becca do it!" a lot.

Although she is learning her pronouns more and more everyday. Last night at the dinner table she actually corrected herself. Dan said, "Do you want me to help?" And Rebecca said, "Yeah, me help. No, YOU help."

It's so much fun to have conversations with her in the car on the way home each day. She can tell me just about everything that happened.

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