Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures with Frog and Rebecca

Meet Frog and Rebecca.
On a sunny and windy afternoon Frog and Rebecca meet for the first time. Rebecca enjoys putting Frog in her bucket, but isn't very gentle with him. Frog, fearing for his life, attempts to hop away, but Rebecca pleads with him to give her another chance to play.

Frog comes back to play, but again Rebecca uses her large feet to try and crush Frog! Will he survive?? Will he ever want to play with her again??

Stay tuned...more summer adventures with Frog and Rebecca are sure to come!


  1. Yes, Frog lives. The pond is full of them, but only a strong make it all the way up to the house.

  2. PEATA has been worned about that little frog killer that you have there.